Non-formal educational programmes in prisons for youth „Break the waves”

Principles (pillars) of the programme: 
  1. We – individuals, professionals, team 
  2. Non-formal education – approach, principles, resource and opportunity.
    Since 2014 added “Initiative projects” as one of tools in prisons.
  3. Prison – as educational correctional and developing environment.
    Since 2014 added NGO and local community as partner organisations for prison.
  4. Youth in prison- personality, who is able to develop, change, educate and take self-responsibility.

1. First edition of the project: 2012-2013. Financed by EC “Youth in action”.
2. Second addition: 2014 financed by Latvian state

Pilot project consists of 6 stages:
1st stage
Four days long training:
1st edition: for 25 professionals from 10 prisons and Latvian Prison Administration. 
2nd edition: for 20 participants: 12 from prisons and probation department, 8 from Youth NGO and local municipalities.
Aim: to create space for dialogue (reflection), where participants as well as trainers, coordinator from National Agency of Latvia, find motivation – encouragement and support for implementation of non-formal education processes for young people in prisons..
2nd stage 
Three days long workshop for four teams of three professionals representing four prisons: 
1st edition: Ilguciems, Skirotava, Valmiera, Liepaja.
2nd edition: Daugavpils, Jēkabpils, Riga and Jelgava.

Aim: to create 10 days long non-formal learning programme for youth in prison, based on needs of target group  in each prison
Before workshop professionals have already identified target group  - 12 young people from each prison and have found their interests, needs etc. 
During three days workshop topics as group processes and dynamics, cooperation, facilitation, mentoring etc. are covered. 
Two representatives from Latvian Prison Administration are also part of the group. 
3rd stage 
Mentoring and couching – for about a month long period of time.
Aim: to complete 10 days training programme (different  for each prison) with support and supervision of NA trainers 
Each trainer takes role of support person for one of the teams from prisons.
A team (in each of four prisons) works to plan and complete the programme and all activities involved. 
4th stage
Ten weeks long training programmes (one training day per week) in each of four prisons: Ilguciems, Valmiera, Liepaja and Skirotava.
 Aim: to implement Training programmes in each of prison, based on profile and needs of young people in prisons. 
Each training programme is created as an example (first step) for long-term non-formal education programmes and processes in prisons. 
5th stage
Midterm and final evaluation of training programmes;
Aim: to evaluate the experience of implementation phase as well as outcomes of the Training process and find ways to pass this experience forward.
Within measurement process such indicators as initiative, values, creativity, competences and others will be taken into account. Also aspect of self-evaluation and Youthpass (as learning concept). 

At 2nd edition added extra activity in prison. To realise 20 local initiative projects with youth in/out of prison for creation of co-operation between target group, NGO, local authorities, etc.
6th stage 
Experience of all stages of this pilot project is presented together with handbook, where different points of views from trainers, participants, professionals and other will be found. 
Aim: to promote the outcomes of the Project and provide sustainability of non-formal education processes in prisons in Latvia

1st edition: Project realized: by support of Latvian national agency "EU Youth in action" programme (www.jaunatne.gov.lv) and in cooperation with professional team of trainers (Līga Rudzīte, Baiba Āboliņa, Nataļja Gudakovska, Kārlis Viša).

2nd edition: Project realized: by support of Latvian State and National agency of Youth (www.jaunatne.gov.lv) and in cooperation with professional team of trainers (Līga Rudzīte, Lauma Žubule, Nataļja Gudakovska, Kārlis Viša).